Surprise! Doesn't just reading or hearing the word bring in a smile? We all love surprises especially when they are gifts that we can hold on to for a long time. The gifting world has been revolutionized by personalized gifts. Getting someone's special name or few lines for them engraved makes an ordinary gift special. The best part is it suits any occasion, whether it is a wedding, a birthday bash, anniversary, or any other event, personalized products are a perfect gift for people of all age groups.

We, at MOON LAMP, offer high-quality personalized products. Transform dull nights into a magical experience by adding the calmness of moonlight to every room at night .​ The personalized Moon Lamp is not only a decorating item but the special message or photo makes your loved one feel special. It's a memory to cherish. Struggling while thinking about special messages you could add to the personalized Moon Lamp? Here are a few lines for every occasion to your rescue: 


  • Happy Birthday to you
  • Happy Anniversary Love
  • Best Wishes
  • I Love You
  • Love you to the Moon and Back
  • Love you to the infinity and beyond
  • Love you forever and ever
  • YOU and ME make a wonderful WE
  • To me you are perfect
  • Rahul Loves Anjali 
  • To my gorgeous Girlfriend, I Love You
  • Forever with you sounds perfect
  • True Love stories are forever.
  • You are my favorite person of all time
  • Life is beautiful because of YOU
  • Together Forever Since 2020
  • You are the Best
  • This Moon is for you baby! 
  •  Love You To The Moon And Back
  • I Love You To The Moon And Back
  • xx (2 hearts together) xx To the moon and back … 
  • Love you forever 
  • I’d walk a million miles just to see your smile. I LOVE YOU
  • We share the same moon
  • “Dost can fetch the moon for u to see just a Sweet Smile” 
  • xxx & xxx 01/01/2013 
  • I want to be your moon so, i can light up your darkest moments when your sun isn’t around
  • Remember to look up at the stars and moon, not down at your feet.
  • Happy anniversary 01/01/2013
  • You're the BEST thing that has happened to me! I love you to the moon and back
  • You will always be the light I follow
  • My Princess
  • Happy xx Birthday xx
  • Sister forever/ Brother forever
  • We Love You To The Moon And Back Love Always, xx and xx
  • Never Say Never
  • To the moon of my life
  • Love You Mommy
  • Forever & Always watching over you mommy
  • Gone but never forgotten xx
  • Always by your side

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