Step 1: What Is the Different?

As you may know there are already many Moon models on the web, lets use the above picture illustrate why you should trust us.

The first one is model from Moon bump map, Pre-printed moon balls. Stick the image over it, when you light it inside, it only a light ball not look like a Moon.

The second one is our 3D printed moon, personalized and printed by 3D printers for each of our customer, with all the love and perfection. 

It look like a Moon no matter the light is on or off.

Improvement : Better Image Source

There are various Moon color map on the web, but most of them have some sort of shadow and reflection in it.

Improvement : Material Light Transmittance & Color Variance

For 3D print a Moon Lamp, We can print it with white material.

However, not all white 3D printing materials are the same, especially on light transmittance and also some sort of color variance. The above picture show 1 plain PLA and 5 white PLA from different vendors.

Improvement : Light Source

Providing the best and powerful LED along with the rechargeable battery, that can work for years without any issue. The PCB is only 28 mm in diameter and powered by a tiny CR1620 battery. 

 Rotate & Planar Cut

3D Print


Install Light Source

Happy Lighting!